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Jaime Carlson

Jaime obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree with great distinction from the University of Regina in 1999 and then attended the University of Toronto to obtain her Bachelor of Laws degree in 2002.  After university, Jaime clerked at the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal under Justice Tallis and Justice Cameron.  She began practicing law with Wilson Rasmussen Poitras in 2003 and also worked at Olive Waller Zinkhan and Waller early in her career.


In 2007 Jaime was ready for a new challenge and, after a short term with the Constitutional Law Branch of the Ministry of Justice for Saskatchewan, Jaime worked as an investigator for Ombudsman Saskatchewan and the Office of the Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner from 2008-2017.  For much of that time Jaime was the primary investigator involved in the systemic reviews conducted by that office, contributing to public reports including:  Hearing Back:  Piecing Together Timeliness in Saskatchewan's Administrative Tribunals;  A Question of Fairness:  A Review of the Assessment and Collection of Overpayments in the Saskatchewan Assistance Program;  A Matter of Time:  An Investigation into the Management of Wait Lists for Breast Cancer Treatment in Saskatchewan;  Achieving the Right Balance:  A Review of Saskatchewan's Conflict of Interest Policy respecting the Provincial Public Service Sector; Taking Care:  An Ombudsman Investigation into the Care Provided to Margaret Warholm while a Resident at the Santa Maria Senior Citizens Home;  and An Investigation into a Complaint about the Sale of Land by the Village of Manor and Allegations of Conflict of Interest against the Former Mayor.  Jaime also co-wrote an article published in the Saskatchewan Law Review titled "On the Road to Fairness:  Redesigning Saskatchewan's Administrative Tribunal System".  In her last few years with the office, Jaime was the investigator primarily responsible for any investigations under The Public Interest Disclosure Act for Saskatchewan, which is whistleblower legislation intended to provide a means for public servants to report wrongdoings occuring within government, while also providing those public servants with protection from reprisals for speaking out.


While at Ombudsman Saskatchewan, Jaime was also very involved in providing training for the office.  In this capacity Jaime regularly facilitated workshops on the Fine Art of Fairness and assisted the office in updating the training materials for this workshop.  In addition, Jaime did other training for the office on investigations, providing procedural fairness, on matters under the Public Interest Disclosure mandate, and on the cooperative model of influence.


Jaime joined RRC Law in September of 2017 and is practicing primarily in the areas of Aboriginal Law and Administrative Law--including labour and employment law work, human rights disputes, self-governing professions, immigration work and work with municipalities.  Jaime is very excited to return to the practice of law and to rejoin some fantastic colleagues.

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